Cafe aA, The Design Museum ♥ JINA

Every time I go to Hongdae, it seems that the number of cafes has noticeably increased. With such stiff competition in the area, it's a wonder how they can all survive. A lot of them tend to be pretty much the same, with similar interiors and concepts - as you know, the cute, romantic, pretty type that Korean girls are charmed by. But the aA Design Museum cafe stands out above the rest among Hongdae cafes.

According to their website, the lower-case ‘a’ in ‘aA’ stands for ‘art’, ‘architecture’, and ‘alive’, while the capital ‘A’ is “an unchangeable value, the best a person can get.” The cafe has special meaning in name. :)

To get into the cafe, you have to go through a tall and narrow wooden glass-paneled door from 1850′s France. The height of it is impressive. The cafe itself has a tremendously high ceiling lit by strong industrial lamps, making the space look even bigger.

I heard that the owner of the cafe designed the whole building to showcase his collection of awesome stuff from different countries and time periods. The 3rd, 2nd and basement levels are exhibition areas for architectural and design products, while the 1st floor houses the cafe.
Each area has its own unique feel. The main hall is spacious, and is the busiest part of the cafe. The loft area is comparatively quiet, and is ideal for reading or working on your laptop. And lastly, the terrace has a Europeean-style romantic atmosphere, and is the only smoking area.

There is a huge “Mirror Ball” light fixture suspended in the center of the cafe where you can see the entire cafe reflected in its curved surfaces.

Cafe aA provides an extensive menu including some light food like sandwiches, cakes and various drinks. I chose to have cafe latte. I was surprised to see the coffee cups were mugs with bulblike knob-things instead of regular handles! It was the first time I’ve seen such a unusually designed cup, but somehow it feels perfectly at home in aA Cafe. Having coffee in a special looking cup made me feel it tasted really good!

After visiting Cafe aA, I realised why the place is reasonably well-known in Hongdae for many reasons, and one of them is its unusual size. Hongdae is full of little artsy cafes and restaurants, but in stature, Cafe aA stands above the rest. If you want to escape this small-scale atmosphere, Cafe aA will make the perfect spot. :D

The Good  ★★★★★

1. Full of well-designed furniture and ornaments

2. Quality museum

3. Reasonable prices ( drinks such as coffee, smoothie and tea cost between 4000won and 6000won while sandwiches, cakes and salad cost between 8000won and 15000won ) 

The Bad ★

1. 10% additional Tax

2. No valet service

3. Cafe mostly crowded and noisy

For more information visit

To find more about the cafe vist below links ↓

video clip ->


Facing Hong-Ik university, turn right and go straight. Make sure that you are on the right hand side of the road. When you see Seven-Eleven on your right, go into the street between the Seven-Eleven and Yogi. Keep walking until you see 화로사랑 (hwaro sarang). Make a left in front of 화로사랑 (hwaro sarang). Keep walking until you see Diwan-I-Am on your left, and Cafe aA is on your right.

Bau House Cafe ♥ JINA

Calling all dog-lovers! Bau House Cafe in Hongdae is every dog-lovers’ dream. This little cafe, packed from corner to corner with dogs of every size, color, and breed, is the place to head if you’re missing your dog from home or just need a little doggie-love. They have various type of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, shy dogs, over-eager dogs, fluffy dogs, spotted dogs, dogs with bows…this place is filled with DOGS! Being bored of ordinary coffee shop and if you were looking for a unique cafe where you could make speical memories, this is just the right place !!

Bau Haus is German for bow house (think bow-wow) and it has been providing a space for dogs and the people who love them since 2000.
As I rode the elevator up, I could hear the happy sounds of canines playing. When I finally arrived, the whole environment was overwhelming. There were dogs on the tables, climbing on the customers, doing their “duty” wherever they see fit, and all-in-all running the joint.  The cafe was very spacious, designed to provide maximum space for the dogs.

It was really busy when I arrived and I had to wait about 15 minutes to get a seat but it wasn't a problem because it is a very entertaining wait. I  watched all the dogs wander around freely, some climbed on the tables to beg for some treats. Others were happy to sit on the leather sofas and receive some love from the person next to them.
There are tons of dogs there just around everywhere. Unfortunately, they also just pee and poop everywhere. However,there is NO NEED to worry about hygiene, because the staff there is always cleaning up, so every single mess is cleaned and sanitized within 30 seconds. Having said that, it does take a few minutes to adjust to the dog smell at the cafe.

When I eventually got a table, I realised that the only way to attract the attention of the dogs was to buy some doggie treats for them, so I did buy this. Once I began to open the snack, I was immediately surrounded by some dogs. I
t’s all very fun!! Some of the naughtier dogs will bark loudly at you, while others  will sit obediently and wait for their snacks.

Doggie waitng for my treat !!:)

There is no admission fee, but drinks are a little more expensive than most regular cafes. ( price from 4000 won to 7000won). And EVERYONE must buy a drink. You can’t just sit there and hang out with dogs.   A bag of treats was 2,000won. You can also take your own dog to the cafe and let them mingle with the other dogs.

I just had iced americano. Look at this cute puppy looking straight at me !!He knew I was taking photo
of him and made eye contact! so cute :)

 Some of the dogs have permanent residence in the Bau House, and others are boarded there while their families are away. I think this is an amazing idea, as all the dogs seemed really clean, well-taken-care-of, and overall really happy and excited.

The Good ★★★★
1. Able to meet various dog friends.

2. Relatively clean, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

3. Nice service.

The Bad ★★
1. Have to get used to the smell.

2. Quite complicated to find the cafe.

3. There is not much to choose food. ( Drinks are just what most people have)

Overall, it is a unique experience and a clever idea. Lots of people go there with their young children to expose the children to dogs. The staff are ready with the cleaning materials in case there's an 'accident' and the place is kept very clean.
All in all it was an interesting experience. :D

Hours of operation: 1:30pm-11:30PM
Phone number: 02) 334-5152
For more information visit

If you want to find more about the cafe visit ->

Video Clip ->

Directions: The dog cafe is off of the parking lot street in Hongdae. To get to the parking lot street from Hapjeong Station, leave exit 5 and take the first right. Walk down this street and keep going straight (there will be a series of murals of famous artworks on your right). Continue down this road to the very end. Once on Parking Lot Street, take a left. Walk for about 3-4 blocks and turn left down the alley just before the intersection with a Buy the Way. The Bau House will be about 50 meters down, on your right — you’ll see a blue sign with a dog on it — on the second floor.


Charlie Brown Cafe :) JINA

Most of us should be very familiar with the famous characters from Peanuts, right?
Try this theme cafe located near Ewha University. It is such an adorably themed cafe where
Snoopy fans even
wouldn't want to miss it out!

The Charlie Brown Cafe is a global franchaise coffee shop which first opened in Hong Kong 2005, and began to open new stores in Hongdae, Shinrim, Busan and in front of Ehwa university in Korea. I decided to go to the cafe which located near Ehwa University. The night view of Charlie Brown cafe looked great by looking at it cross the street, so I took picture right away.

Once step in the staircase, my eyes were attracted by the lovely Snoopy and friends figures standing in the
showcase along the stairs. In the cafe area, WOW~ everything was so "Charlie Brown"!!! :D

I found a nice cozy seat in the middle of the Charlie Brown Cafe and literally everything was about Snoopy and gang.
From the walls to the ceiling, the cafe was filled with characters from Peanuts!

There was even a large flat screen TV playing Snoopy cartoons. Huge live sized effigies of Snoopy and Charlie Brown were placed around and parts of the walls covered in all sorts of cartoon strips.

Every thing in the cafe was so classic "Charlie Brown feel" with lots of figures and paintings everywhere. I especially liked this snoopy printed desk. Looking at the characters, I felt like I was travelling back to my childhood where I loved snoopy so much. They look so cute, don't you think?


The cafe also has several areas for their Peanuts Merchandise, where you can get all the clothes, stationery, and various toys you want.

Drink prices and offerings are similar to those of your standard coffee shop chains. The cafe also offers food and dessert choices like waffles, sandwiches and cakes, many of which have impressions or chocolate dustings of characters’ images.

While waiting to take the order in front of the counter, I couldn't help but take photoes of snoopy slice of cakes. They look so delicious and cute !!

I chose to have this piece of petite tiramisu cake. This not only just look delicious, but it really tastes sooo good !!!:)

Overall, the atmosphere was quiet enough to study or have meetings and  I enjoyed the food as well. I would like to recommend the place for couples in 20s. I guess anyone who comes to this cafe will get full of happy feelings and since there are many attractive things to see, the cafe will surely make your eye pleasing. Therefore the couple who visit here can take sweet memories with Charlie Brown.

 The Good  ★★★★★
1. Reasonable price ( normally price between 4000 won and 7000 won)

2. Self service ( Customers can add syrups as much as you want)
3. Cute interior ( It targeted mainly from young children to adults like university students)

4. There is separate room for smokers.

The Bad  ★
1. Because this is self service cafe, customers have to order at the cashier.

2. Peanuts Merchandise which can be purchased in the cafe is quite expensive.

3. Since there is no menu for each table, there are lack of information on coffee and food.

Enjoy nice cup of coffee and a nice slice of cake with Snoopy and friends at the Charlie Brown Cafe. :D


For more information, vist their Korean- only website!

 More about Charlie Brown Cafe click ↓                                                       

  Shin Rim Dong
  Hong Dae

If you want to have a look at the cafe before you visit, click ↓( This is a video clip)

To spend a relaxing time with Charlie: Exiting at Ehwa University Station, line No. 2, exit 2. Walk down straight and you can find The Body shop on the first floor and Charlie brown cafe is on the second floor.

Cafe that looks like a Princess’s Bedroom - by YUXIA YUXIA

  This weekend, at the recommendation of my classmate, My friend and I went to a theme coffee shop. It is called Cafe that looks like a Princess’s Bedroom.’ The coffee shop is located behind HongIk University Park. This coffee shop is located in the basement. There is a very unique billboard in front of the door. When you open the glass door you will see the ladder to the shop


  When you go in, the first thing you may notice is that a few curtains hanging from the roof. These mantles are divided the shop into some small rooms. Each room has a small lamp. If you close the curtain, you can immediately have a hidden private space. It will let these curtains looks like some lit lanterns, and makes me feel warm and relaxed.



  Beside the amazing curtain, there are many decorations: lovely murals, exquisite lamps, palace style baskets. Each piece had to make people feel the owner's intentions.

  We ordered a cup of sweet potato latte, a cup of citron tea, a cup of mocha latte and a cup of cappuccino. Although it is winter time, I recommend to order some cold drinks, because it was very warm inside the shop. Now it’s time to announce the price of coffee in this shop: cake is 5000won/piece, coffee is the 7000-8000won / cup. ^^

Price: for 2 people (coffee + cake) 15000-20000won

Point: curtains,personal place…

Address: 358-37, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea. Near by the HongIk University Park.




별다방미스리 - by YUXIA YUXIA

 Last Wednesday was my friend’s birthday
. After the dinner, we walked around the Daehakro. We found a coffee shop called 별다방미스리which had a cute logo, so we decided to go in.
 After we went in, we recognized that there is a good shop. There are so many lights in front of the windowand those lights made people feel as they were surround by many stars. There were many multicolor tables and chairs and it’s put in order that made me feel I am in a special kindergarten.
 The shop is colorful all around. Many cute stuff and pictures was filled on the shelves and along the walls. People consciously felt happy. And there were many comic books and cartoon dolls. Even if you get in this cafe alone, you can see the comic books for a whole afternoon.
 You can drink latte, mocha Americano and many other various drinks. However, it is not just a coffee shop, because you can eat many traditional snacks and tea in here. Like jujube tea, citron tea, sweet pumpkin latte, and 17-cereals latte. In this coffee shop, one cup of drink cost around 5000~7000 won, one Korean traditional sweets and cookie cost 5000 won, and one box lunch cost 5000 won.
 Oh! I have to mention this! My friends and I wrote
a post card for each other. This post card is supplied by the coffee shop, so if you come here and drink something, you can get this postcard. After you have written done, you can put it in the post box. This coffee shop will send it to you or someone you want to send to after 100 days. What a happy shop, isn’t it!? J

Price: For 2 people (coffee + cake) 15000~20000 won

Point: 100 days post card, traditional sweets and cookie, box lunch…

Address: 1-74 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea. Daehakroyeok near Exit 2.


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